Tuesday Photos, a #tfios Challenge reminder, a PSA About and For Designers and lots of great photos from our flickr group!

Welcome to a new Fandom In Stitches Challenge and the first for 2013 - Fabulous Fandom Mashup!
The rules are simple:
  1. Choose any pattern found in the Fandom In Stitches archives. Archive pages are linked directly under the title at the top of any FiS page. (Animated/Children, Comics/Games, etc.)
  2. Use that pattern and create a project for a fandom other than the fandom the original pattern was intended for. For example, use a Disney Princess pattern to create a Harry Potter project. Fun, right?!
  3. Post a photo of your project to the Fandom In Stitches flickr group by Friday, March 1.
  4. Enter as many projects as you like, remembering that each project must be made from a Fandom In Stitches pattern and reflect a different fandom than originally intended by the designer.
  5. All projects must be PG-13 or less.
  6. Please tag your photos “fabulous fandom mashup” to make them easier for us to find in the flickr group.
  7. Include in the photo description what fandom the pattern came from and what fandom your project represents.
  8. Photos of each project will be posted to Fandom In Stitches on Saturday, March 2. Vote for your favorite via poll on the Fandom In Stitches Facebook groupMarch 2 - 4
  9. The winning project will be announced Tuesday, March 5 and will receive a freeFandom In Stitches t-shirt, as seen on our Zazzle shop (below)!
*please note that Facebook group memberships will be closed for during voting.

Three new patterns for you all today- Legos! All three are made by Kristy of Quiet Play.

Lego mini figure- 12” Paper Pieced

Lego Brick 3.5” x 5.5” Paper Pieced

Mini Figure Head- 12” Paper Pieced

The first in a new series here on Fandom in Stitches- Mulan!

Mulan, by Michelle Thompson

An incredible new 10” pattern by Soma Acharya. 

Block 10 for the There and Back Again Hobbit Quilt- Smaug!

7” finished. Pattern by Michelle Thompson.

Here’s Lilja’s newest 10” Hunger Games pattern- District 4-Fishing!

Here’s our newest free pattern: Kermit the frog!

Designed by Susanne Klemm, this pattern lets you make your very own 12” Kermit square.

Lilja’s newest 10” Hunger Games quilt square—District 3- Paper piecing and aplique.

Lilja’s newest 10” Hunger Games pattern- District two: Masonry!